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Name: Katie
Age: Nearly 21
Gender: None
Sexuality: I'm engaged to a lady
Location: Boston, MA

Favorite Bands: Elvis Costello and the Attractions, The Aquabats, Saves the Day, Lifter Puller, Freezepop, Tramps Like Us, Sigur Ros, The Smiths, The White Stripes, etc.
Favorite Movies: A League of Their Own, The Royal Tenenbaums, Baseketball, Cold Mountain, Punch Drunk Love, Notting Hill, shit anything they put on USA in the afternoon I will watch and like
Favorite Books: I can't pick favs. I really like Don Delillo, Jack Kerouac, Nick Hornby, and the Strangers in Paradise comics alot though
Favorite Color: Green, I think

Do you like to write stories? Well I'm a writer, so. It comes with the deal
Do you like to write poems? Not a ton. They always come out goth jr. high-ish. I try not to bother
Do you like to write songs? yeah. I've written a few, though not too many lately
Do you play any instruments? Guitar, bass, trumpet.

What is one of your goals? To start a music magazine that talks about things going on right now, not trends that died somewhere in california or brooklyn 10 years ago
Name one thing that sets you apart from everyone else: my pretty yellow mohawk

Your thoughts on...
Gay Marriage: well i'm getting gay married, so
Abortion: It's a right women have, but should not be used as birth control for irresponsible hos
George W. Bush: whatever, he's a puppet
John Kerry: The article on him in GQ makes me thing he's not as animatronic as we all thing
Pollution: That whole deal is no good. We all have to change our way of living entirely before any of the effects created by pollution can truly change
The war in Iraq: I mean it made no sense. How can we "support the troops" when the government puts them on the other side of the world, in danger and away from their loved ones?
Andrew W.K.: His music's not great, but I like his style.
The state of the world: Same as it ever was, truthfully.
Brian Kinney: i'm sorry i don't know who that is
MTV: I like Boiling Points alot. But other than that, they haven't shown a good video since about '96
Vh1: That Celebrity Super Spenders show makes me think communism needs to happen. Barring that, they have some pretty entertaining programming
Conor Oberst: He's a puppet too. He used to be decent, but his lyrics are really pretty shallow. Blake Schwarzenbach does the whole giving nonsense meaning thing much better
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