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We used to be very tall buildings

we've been falling for so long

A memory of what it felt like
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To every community there are rules.
An anarchist community would be fun, but incredibly chaotic.

So, here are the rules:

1. Read the rules before you submit your application.
2. All applications go under an LJ cut.
3. All pictures go under an lj cut.
4. Only advertise after you are accepted and an active member.
5. Do not advertise using a banner, unless its your community.
6. Do not advertise more than twice, I will keep track.
7. This is not soley a rating community. Please make posts regularly.
8. Please don't apply if you can't handle criticism.
9. Please don't take the criticism to far.
10. d0 n0t tYp3 LyK3 tHi5, or like you have not taken second grade grammer yet.
11. Answer every question. There are no age restrictions.
12. Answer honestly.
13. Voters must be resonable.
14. Bold your answers. If you do not know how to bold, say that as the subject for your entry.
15. Explain all your answers.
16. First four are automatically accepted

How to do an lj cut:
<*lj-cut text*="INSERT TEXT HERE"*>
Copy/paste that and then remove the stars. Change the "insert text here" into whatever you want.

The application can be found at: http://www.livejournal.com/community/myfeverendsnow/1271.html?#cutid1

terriblethinker mod
paperrose mod
annuuhhhhh mod
sheltered_time mod


Also, if you have any questions contact Katee:
AIM: x6isdead
Yahoo: x6forever
Journal: terriblethinker
Email: xdejakates6@myway.com