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.. don't look now, there's an old guy at the door

Name: the_caveBob Chaney
Age: 53 going on 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: not lately rarely straight I like women
Location: the cave @ swans'grove

Favorite Bands: Sting, CSN, Beatles, Stones, Lemon Jelly, Peter Mulvey, George Strait, Steeleye Span, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Thelonious Monk ..
Favorite Movies: "Vanishing Point," "Pushing Tin," "Tin Cup," "Ghost In The Shell," "Highlander," "Steel Magnolias," "LeMans" ..
Favorite Books: Anything by Asimov or Clarke, Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle and "Cryptonomicon," "Dune," "Traveller," "Advanced MS-DOS Batch File Programming" ..
Favorite Color: make it yellow

Do you like to write stories? sometimes they are even fiction
Do you like to write poems? these are always my own truth
Do you like to write songs? all sung to the tune of "Camptown Races"
Do you play any instruments? radio and the trombone

What is one of your goals? to understand 42
Name one thing that sets you apart from everyone else: I believe that my lovely Kyrgyz bride did not use me just to get a ticket to the United States

Your thoughts on...
Gay Marriage: I do not think there should be any limitations placed on the definition of love .. of which marriage is the "spiritual" embodiment
Abortion: Pro-life as a religious moral imperative is fine, but people should not be legally denied choice
George W. Bush: .. sadly, he can no longer be impeached and removed before his term expires
John Kerry: .. did not dethrone Dubya even though I voted him .. NEXT!
Pollution: koff koff koff .. seriously, it seems so much less invasive now than it was thirty years ago, that it is hard to realize that we have just reduced the stuff we could see, and the stuff whose short term effects were pretty clear .. now we have to address the really nasty, sneaky stuff .. koff
The war in Iraq: what a waste .. you cannot change the world by treating the symptoms
Andrew W.K.: .. looked him up, he's real rockin' but I am not sure that he will be one of my favorites
The state of the world: it ain't perfect, but history tells us that is better than it has ever been .. except for those pesky carbon parasites
Brian Kinney: .. looked him up .. still not sure who he is
MTV: I liked Martha Quinn a lot, but the whole thing went downhill after Micheal Jackson's third or fourth dance extravaganza
Vh1: I have never lived where it was consistently available
Conor Oberst: .. looked him up, but he hasn't had any impact on the music that gets passed to me by my kids

How did you find out about myfeverendsnow? community search
One place you promoted myfeverendsnow: haven't .. yet

A few pictures of yourself (no more than three please) -optional-

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One question you would like to add to the application (might be added, might not be): Are you a risk taker?

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